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Patients are our Priority.

Our Services

~ Unmatched Bundle Pricing  -  See details below

~ Discount Programs - We participate in manufacturer discount programs such as EMD Serono GO Direct Rebate Program and Compassionate Care Patient Assistance Program.

~ Large Inventory - Cornerstone Pharmacy maintains a large inventory of all fertility-related products.

~ Free Delivery - We offer FREE next-day delivery with most orders.

~ Language Services - We work directly with a unique HIPAA-certified language service providing translations in many languages.

~ 24/7 Pharmacist Availability - A specialized infertility pharmacist is available 24/7. You can call the pharmacy during daytime hours to speak with the pharmacist. On nights and weekends, our answering service will direct you to our after-hour emergency line.

Our Simple 3-Step Process

1. We Verify Your Insurance Benefits - Call or visit Cornerstone Pharmacy and have one of our pharmacists check your prescription insurance coverage to determine what medications are covered and at what level. Please refer to our Insurance Verification and Prior Authorization Information for details.

2. We Explain Your Options - For all medications that are covered, we can quickly process the prescription through your insurance. If your prescription requires prior authorization we will initiate the process when allowable. If some or all of your medications are not covered, we will discuss options such as manufacturer discount programs, which can save you money.

3. We fill Your Medications - Once your physician's office calls or faxes your prescription to us, we can quickly assemble your order. If you would like to pick up the medication at our convenient location, you will have access to a fertility-specialized pharmacist to address any questions you may have. We can also ship your medications to the location of your choice.

Call us today, for more details.

Fertility Medication Bundle Pricing Program

Fertility medications can be very expensive, so we want to make sure that you are able to save as much money as possible.  We have established a proprietary Bundle Pricing Program, that offers large discounts which coincide with the quantity of medications you are ordering.  

For more information about how our Bundle Pricing can help your costs, have your physician's office send your

prescription to Cornerstone Pharmacy, so we can accurately quote your total medication order!

Who Qualifies for Bundle Pricing?

All of our patients have access to discounted medication, however, any patient who is getting stimulation medications in excess of 300IU, 

will enter into the first tier of additional bundle pricing discounts!!

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